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How to manage a music project with Streamline

Managing a music project in Streamline involves a few straightforward steps to ensure everything is organized and accessible for everyone involved:

Start a New Project

From your main dashboard in Streamline, click on the plus sign to create a new project. Give it a name that reflects your music project's goals or theme.

Organize and Share Ideas:

Think of the ideas panel like a mood board. Here, you can drag and drop files directly from your desktop, including lyrics and image inspirations, or paste links to videos and make comments on them. This is great for setting the tone and sharing initial concepts with your team.

A screenshot of the ideas panel in Streamline
Ideas panel

Organize and Share Files

Manage Audio Files: Once you’ve got some ideas and are ready to get to work, use the Work panel to share all the files associated with your project. Streamline can automatically zip files from digital audio workstations like Cubase or Logic Pro, making uploads and downloads more efficient.

A screen grab of the Streamline work panel
Work panel

Invite Collaborators: Invite your mixing and mastering engineers or other project members by creating a project and using the transfer manager to copy only the necessary files over. This way, they won’t need to sort through everything—just what they need to work on.

An image showing the invite project member interface
Invite collaborators

Task Management:

The task manager in Streamline is a powerful feature to keep your project on track. Create tasks, set due dates, assign them to project members, and add comments to keep everyone informed of what needs to be done.

An image of Task Manager on Streamline
Task Manager

File Sharing:

Streamline makes it easy to share files. Click the sharing link, enable sharing, and a link is generated that you can send via email or messenger to anyone, even if they don’t have an account on Streamline.

An image of the file sharing interface on Streamline
File Sharing

Version Control:

To manage different versions of a track, simply drag and drop the new version onto the old file. Streamline automatically recognizes it as a new version, helping avoid confusion and making it easy for everyone to see and preview the latest updates. Comments on tracks are specific to each verson, making it easy to keep track of your progress.

An image of the version selector dropdown on Streamline
Select version

Finalize and Review

Feedback Loop: Use Streamline’s platform to gather feedback from your team. They can view the latest versions and preview them directly in the interface.

Final Edits: Make the final edits based on the feedback you receive. Ensure all elements align with the vision of the music video.

Attribution Management in Streamline: Streamline automatically recognizes contributions made by each team member and attributes them accordingly. This feature is crucial when files are uploaded or versions are updated in the project. Here’s how it works:

  • Automatic Recognition: When you drag and drop a file, especially from a digital audio workstation, Streamline identifies who made the contribution. This could be a specific audio track or an entire project folder.

  • Persistent Attribution: As files are moved or copied within Streamline, from one project to another, the original attribution remains persistent. This ensures that every team member's contributions are clearly documented throughout the project’s lifecycle.

  • Visibility: All members of the project can see who has contributed each piece of content. This visibility promotes transparency and recognition, which is essential for maintaining good relationships and ensuring that everyone’s efforts are acknowledged.

Attribution in Streamline is not just about giving credit where it’s due; it also helps in maintaining the project’s history and understanding the evolution of your music track through various contributions. This system simplifies the workflow, making it easier to manage larger projects with many collaborators, ensuring that everyone's work is respected and recognized.

A screenshot of the attribution interface in Streamline
Attribution panel

This structure not only keeps your project organized but also enhances collaboration among your team members. Effectively to ensure everyone is on the same page throughout the project’s lifecycle. Enjoy your creative journey!


The advantage of using Streamline for all stages of the creative workflow from idea to release are many:

  • Streamline manages all stages of the process from the spark of an idea to the finished version

  • Platform agnostic - use the creation tools you’re familiar with

  • All your assets are securely stored in one location - no need to manage multiple accounts with a number of different services

  • Access is limited by invitation per project so you only expose what you want

  • Versions are tracked from start to finish

  • Tasks can be assigned and tracked across all stages of the process

  • Ownership and attribution are registered along the way


Built by creators for creators, Streamline provides cloud-based workflow management, automated rights management and a creator profile hub to manage your tracks, share your files, and build your business. These are just a few of the highlights of the fully integrated platform.

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