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How to manage a band's tour with Streamline

Managing a band's tour using Streamline can be a game-changer in keeping everything organized and ensuring everyone is on the same page. Here’s how you can utilise Streamline’s features effectively for tour management:

Create a Dedicated Project:

  • Start by creating a new project specifically for the tour.

  • Name it something clear and relevant, like “2024 Tour” or “Summer Festival Circuit.”

Utilise the Ideas Panel:

  • Use the ideas panel to brainstorm and share initial concepts for the tour, such as potential cities, venues, promotional strategies, or stage designs.

  • This can serve as your collaborative mood board where you and the band can consolidate creative ideas and logistical considerations.

A screenshot of the ideas panel in Streamline
Ideas panel

Task Management:

  •  Employ the task manager to oversee all aspects of the tour. Create tasks for booking venues, managing ticket sales, organizing transportation and accommodation, and handling technical requirements.

  • Assign these tasks to relevant team members, set deadlines, and track progress to keep everyone accountable

  • Leverage the platform’s communication tools to keep ongoing discussions about tour details. You can use comments on tasks or share updates directly within the project to ensure seamless communication among all stakeholders.

An image of Task Manager on Streamline
Task Manager

Share and Manage Files:

 Use the work panel to share and manage all critical documents and files, such as contracts, rider details, stage plots, and setlists. Streamline's ability to recognize and organize files from different sources will help you maintain an orderly file system.

File Sharing for External Collaborators:

For collaborators who aren't on Streamline, like venue managers or promotional partners, use the file sharing feature. Generate links to share specific files or documents they need access to, ensuring they have the necessary information without navigating the full platform.

An image of the file sharing interface on Streamline
File Sharing

Version Control for Marketing Materials:

Use Streamline’s version control features for managing different versions of promotional materials like posters, ads, and merch designs. This will help you keep track of the most current versions and make sure everyone is using the right files.

An image of the version selector dropdown on Streamline
Select version

By harnessing these features, Streamline can significantly simplify the complexities of tour management, from planning and execution to communication and file sharing, making the tour smoother and more organized for everyone involved.


The advantage of using Streamline for all stages of the creative workflow from idea to release are many:

  • Streamline manages all stages of the process from the spark of an idea to the finished version

  • Platform agnostic - use the creation tools you’re familiar with

  • All your assets are securely stored in one location - no need to manage multiple accounts with a number of different services

  • Access is limited by invitation per project so you only expose what you want

  • Versions are tracked from start to finish

  • Tasks can be assigned and tracked across all stages of the process

  • Ownership and attribution are registered along the way


Built by creators for creators, Streamline provides cloud-based workflow management, automated rights management and a creator profile hub to manage your tracks, share your files, and build your business. These are just a few of the highlights of the fully integrated platform.

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