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The Streamline Podcast - 'How I Made It'

We're excited to announce the launch of our new podcast, "How I Made It," hosted by our CEO, John Maxwell Hobbs. This podcast focuses on the fascinating processes behind the creation of music and other types of media. The show will feature in-depth conversations with industry experts, shedding light on the creative and technical journeys behind their work.

Exploring the Art of Creation

"How I Made It" aims to demystify the creative process, offering listeners a behind-the-scenes look at how music and media are made. Each episode will delve into the techniques, challenges, and inspirations that drive creators to produce their best work.

Expert Insights from Esteemed Guests

The podcast will feature a lineup of renowned guests, including:

  • Eric Lijestrand – Grammy winning music producer and engineer known for his work with Lucinda Williams, Robert Altman, Martin Scorcese, as well as for his innovative approaches to sound design and production.

  • Tony Churnside – Audio technologist and pioneer in immersive audio experiences and BAFTA winner for his work on BBC’s The Skewer..

  • Tim Boggs – Veteran sound supervisor with a rich history of working on high-profile TV shows and films like Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, Lost Highway, Fargo, and more.Tim also directed the cult hit 80s low budget horror flick “Blood Lake.”

  • Steve Bondy – Musician, producer, sound engineer, pioneer of quadraphonic live sound, and the person responsible for the sound systems in classic New York venues like Max’s Kansas City, Limelight, Great Gildersleeves and many others. He has done live sound mixes for groundbreaking acts like Blondie, The Hearbreakers, and The Talking Heads..

These guests will share their unique perspectives and experiences, providing listeners with valuable insights into the world of media creation.

Host with a Passion for Media

John Maxwell Hobbs, CEO of Streamline Media, is an experienced media professional with a deep passion for storytelling and technology. His background and enthusiasm for the subject matter will guide engaging and informative discussions, making "How I Made That" a must-listen for anyone interested in the creative industries.


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